Archway Market is open every saturday from 10 - 5 in navigator square n19 3td right by Archway tube station.



Archway Market is open every saturday from 10 - 5 in navigator square n19 3td right by Archway tube station.


A glorious display of unsprayed seasonal vegetables, delivered fresh in the morning from Farmer Ted's fields in Lincolnshire. The rich Boston soil, nurtured over generations of the Dawson family, gives superb flavour to potatoes and roots, and glorious mineral rich colour and taste to leafy greens, reds, purples.... With Ted & Kath's choice of out-of -season produce sourced from trusted suppliers, you can come and fill a basket with the best flavour and great value, every Saturday.


A French delicatessen in Archway every Saturday! Francis and Sylvie are purveyors of the finest fromage and saucisson sourced from all over France, always adding new and exciting things to tempt you such as pate, pickles, escargots.... They set up their family run business more than 20 years ago and are the ultimate experts in their field. It'll be like having a French market come to N19 every week. Come for a taste from their fridge-full of deli-delights 

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The farmer's market favourite has a huge selection of artisan bread made from the finest organic grains. Loaves in wheat, rye and spelt for every day and for luxury; try their tasty wholesome savouries, scrumptious fruit cakes and mouthwatering pastries with a light dusting of organic sugar. The brownies are oozing with the best quality chocolate, croissants are perfectly flaky and meltingly marvellous. Plus a tasty selection of treats for those with allergies.    

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Time Out's 'Best Bookstall in North London' presents a huge selection of quality 2nd hand books at pocket and purse-friendly prices. Classic, Cult, Contemporary & Children's Fiction and current Non-Fiction titles on almost every conceivable subject. A very special and well-loved stall with a voracious read and literary expert at the helm. Ask the 'Pavement Professor' for a recommendation! The land-based sister to 'The London Bookbarge'.

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Cured meats and charcuterie sourced from the best of Britain’s farms  and made with free range, rare breed and wild stock. Choose from a riot of fabulous salamis flavoured with everything from traditional herbs and spices to blood, red wine and chocolate. Chorizos suffused with chilli or smoke, fiery Nduja and Bresaola air-dried beef jerky like nothing you've ever tasted. These ingredients are outstanding on their own and will make your recipes zing... 


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Come and explore a range of gels, lotions, cosmetics, oils, drinks and supplements made from the plant that has evidence-based health and medicinal properties. Come and hear all about Aloe from devotees Joy and Michael, who source their stock from the biggest and best growers and distributors in the world. Forever Living - give it a try!


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This delightful bakery uses family recipes passed from the eponymous Grandparents to Amandine and Paul who bake early in the morning to bring you the freshest, Frenchest sweet treats in town. Choose perfect cannele - soft on the inside, crunchy outside...; Tarte au Noix, Chocolate and raspberry or Citron; Madeleines lighter than air, Brioche bien beurree and divine Coeur Coco - coconut cake in a charming heart cradling  luxurious chocolate ganache. An ideal treat for sweet teeth...    


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A stall in the old style... Lovely things for your home or for an unusual gift, here you'll find all sorts of gorgeousness in wood, glass, metal, ceramic and fabric. There's beautiful hand-made vases, bowls and dishes, charming traditionally turned wooden games; kitchenalia and furnishings, vintage jewellery and trinkets and all sorts of special and unusual bits and bobs. You know that old chestnut about how tough to get a present for your Dad? Well look no further... 

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Marinated in rosemary, fennel and garlic this hog roast is a local legend. Slow-cooked to produce the most tender and delicious meat, it's served with home-made apple sauce or hot or sweet chilli sauce in a ciabatta bun on a bed of rocket and crunchy slabs of crackling. Or you can take some home for a fabulous dinner or to form the centre of your special dish. Join the queue, or order yours and have a browse!

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The most tender delicious Souvlaki, prepared by a Greek man who is in love with the cuisine of his home country and has years of experience making his food authentic, and memorably tasty! Grilled over charcoal for the fullest flavour, he sources the juiciest chicken and lamb, wrapped in a  warm roll with a selection of salads and sauces. With a choice of mouth-wateringly fab bangers and marinated pork as well, Spyros is famous for a reason and fast becoming a local legend!!!




Get ready for superb home cooked Punjabi food by Saira and Rani. You'll find very special and delicious samosa and pakoras to eat on the go, or for later. You can also take home their range of ready cooked cuisine with daal pots and authentic curries or make your own using their vegan and gluten-free cooking sauces as a base. To top it all, they have their chutneys and relishes that will make any meal zing. 

We also have Sandra’s gorgeous handmade jewellery, Cristina’s lovely soaps & bath luxuries, Francine’s beautiful paintings, Polly’s pretty vintage bits & bobs, Fay’s African inspired textiles and home furnishings & Juans’ classic ‘Star-Signed’ pictures of sporting stars…

The sparkly new Navigator Square by Archway tube station, N19 3TD

The sparkly new Navigator Square by Archway tube station, N19 3TD

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