Archway MARKET

North London's little treasure!
Saturday 10:00 - 17:00


Archway MARKET

North London's little treasure!
Saturday 10:00 - 17:00


Archway Market - a lovely place to visit!

There's a distinctive mixture of speciality traders with charm, personality and expertise. Have you ever spent hours trudging through hundreds of stalls to find 5 things you want? In Archway we do things in a rather more leisurely fashion...Come and get to know our merry band of friendly experts who have only the best produce, ingredients, treats and goodies. You'll find everything you need, and have time to relax with a special coffee. With the best bookstall in town, a carpenter, jeweller, weekly surprises and great shops nearby, head to the corner of Holloway Road and St John's Grove...

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We asked our regulars why they shop at archway market; this is what they had to say!


Our Traders

A mix of charm, knowledge & expertise!

Our Traders

A mix of charm, knowledge & expertise!


A glorious display of unsprayed seasonal vegetables, delivered fresh in the morning from Farmer Ted's fields in Lincolnshire. The rich Boston soil, nurtured over generations of the Dawson family, gives superb flavour to potatoes and roots, and glorious mineral rich colour and taste to leafy greens, reds, purples.... With Ted & Kath's choice of out-of -season produce sourced from trusted suppliers, you can come and fill a basket with the best flavour and great value, every Saturday.


These guys are the vanguard for exquisite, artisan cheese makers, defending their heritage, methods & livelihoods. With an extensive range covering Britain, France and the entire Alpine Arc, plus archaic recipes from places including Sardinia & Transylvania, this stall has everything a cheese-lover could hope for. Taste before you choose for the best quality on your everyday table, for rarity, and for unrivalled luxury. Their promise is simple: the most exciting cheese in Europe without the pretentiousness or fuss.


The farmer's market favourite has a huge selection of artisan bread made from the finest organic grains. Loaves in wheat, rye and spelt for every day and for luxury; try their tasty wholesome savouries, scrumptious fruit cakes and mouthwatering pastries with a light dusting of organic sugar. The brownies are oozing with the best quality chocolate, croissants are perfectly flaky and meltingly marvellous. Plus a tasty selection of treats for those with allergies.    


Time Out's 'Best Bookstall in North London' presents a huge selection of quality 2nd hand books at pocket and purse-friendly prices. Classic, Cult, Contemporary & Children's Fiction and current Non-Fiction titles on almost every conceivable subject. A very special and well-loved stall with a voracious read and literary expert at the helm. Ask the 'Pavement Professor' for a recommendation! The land-based sister to 'The London Bookbarge'.


Serving outstanding charcuterie, with varieties you cannot get anywhere else in London. Tartufo & Felino salami; Bresaola, delectable bacon, delicate dry cured pork and sausage.... You can take a whole ham, or watch it carved before your eyes by an expert. Southern Italian spreadable sausage, spicy Nduja, truffle Mortadello, wild boar, donkey....come and have a taste of whatever you fancy, pick your favourites or try something new every week!


Authentic Mediterranean cuisine home-made by Greek sisters.Their fresh-from-the-oven spanakopita is a revelation, perfect for the discerning hungry or to take home for later. Choose from a medley of pies with delicious vegetable fillings in pastry crafted by a crust genius. Stuffed peppers, moussaka, salads, tzatziki and surprises every week. Alongside these Hellenic marvels is a selection of olive oils from the islands. A very popular stall.



A family farm with the highest welfare standards producing the free-est range meat you can find. This is produce you can rely on to be exactly what it says it is! Remember (or find out) what beef really tastes like and be blown away by their bacon. Free range chicken you can never go back from; rare breeds and all the usual cuts. Venison, steaks, offal, seasonal specialities and sausages in a riot of flavours. Finally, a butcher of the best quality in Archway!



Timber creations created by an expert. Come and have a look at his gorgeous shelving system in a unique design with many options to fit your available space.

Need a windowbox? Got a tricky corner that could do with a cupboard? This local craftsman and trained carpenter can deliver exactly what you need for your home or garden. Plus textiles and assorted crafts by local makers.


Come and enjoy our hospitality at Georgian Feast Kitchen Street food Stall!  An amazing  array of tasty and totally addictive dishes like our warm and gooey Georgian Stuffed Cheesy Bread  “khachapuri “ that oozes goodness!. Try our creamy Russian White Salad “Salat Olivieh” that delights the taste buds with every mouthful, and our Georgian Herbed Meat Balls “Kotletti” that take over your senses over with every bite. You’ll be back for more. We promise!  


Delicious Trinidadian Cuisine food that stems from the chef's deep love of cooking, inspired from an early age by watching her mother, grandmothers and aunts in the kitchen. Jerk Chicken, Rice and Peas, Authentic Curries... Traditional, tasty, perfect for a Wintry treat on a Saturday lunchtime; or let the expert do your evening's cooking for you and take some home!


'The early bird can keep the worm - I'll have a coffee...' Delicious, fresh hot coffee perfectly brewed by an expert barista. Need a double espresso? Got time for a leisurely latte? Perk Me Up's your van with super-special luxury flavours such as Gingerbread Cappucino or Toffee Apple Latte, but most of all with good deeply smooth flavoured coffee for those who know just what a good cup is.



An exclusive yet affordable collection of bold, colourful items merging modern styles with timeless traditions. Combining the rich, noble beauty of African textiles with Asian and European styles and influences. A hand selected showcase of new and found, with products for the home and stunning clothing and jewellery for men, women and children. 


Marinated in rosemary, fennel and garlic this hog roast is a local legend. Slow-cooked to produce the most tender and delicious meat, it's served with home-made apple sauce or hot or sweet chilli sauce in a ciabatta bun on a bed of rocket and crunchy slabs of crackling. Or you can take some home for a fabulous dinner or to form the centre of your special dish. Join the queue, or order yours and have a browse!